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Technicians, engineers, scientists, state departments, elected officials, ... many stakeholders produce and disseminate information on water and aquatic environments, using specific terms. In order to facilitate exchange, improve the understanding of the terms and create a common educational language, a glossary has been prepared by the partners of the French Water Information System .
The current contents of this glossary include about 1,000 terms determined from the analysis of fifty existing glossaries (documents, websites, ...). The glossary on water is freely available. You may consult it either by alphabetical order (from A to Z), or by launching free search or advanced search (you can, for example, select all the terms related to a large topic). You can also store the results of your search

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The glossary is "collaborative": any user can propose amending or deleting some words, adding more. Proposals will be evaluated by a group of users, WIS partners. Do not hesitate to become a contributor, please make the glossary alive. You can follow up the proposals you made via your customized space.
The Glossary website is parameterized to automatically feed the contents of other websites which may be thus updated in real time. You can, among other things, subscribe to RSS feeds to be informed about updates made on this website.